The Broken And The Bent Poem by Joseph Pedulla

The Broken And The Bent

Rating: 4.5

I like the broken and the bent,
The careworn and the shent,
Limping or on one leg,
Who cannot choose but beg.

I love the sinner and his sin,
The despair I find him in,
The eyes that well with tears,
The hearts that shake with fears.

I love them all and they love me,
Akin in our iniquity
And most of all the sickly hope
The goodness toward which they blindly grope.

Even the best of them don't dare believe
Some higher thing will grant reprieve,
Or resurrection might yet be theirs,
These reprobates, these Adam's heirs.

And yet I know some cosmic court
Intends to save this wretched sort,
Its rationale shall lie in this:
Not one of them felt worth this bliss.

© Joseph Pedulla, Wednesday, February 22,2018

Saturday, May 26, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: sin,weakness
Oladipupo Fagbolu 26 May 2018

We the broken await this cosmic court to come save us even in our feelings of unworthiness. Thank you Pedulla for sharing.

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Brendan Stanford 16 April 2019

Eh. I don't really like this poem. I'd much prefer a real poet- like Billy Collins.

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Bri Edwards 27 May 2018

(cont.) ..Joseph: i believe all of my comments are now showing on this page; i see three of them. IF you still don't see them [and you MUST HAVE! HA HA, SINCE you've responded on this page to all three] let me know. ok, i checked the Postings list PH keeps for me, showing the comments i've left; there are only three. bri :) p.s. now there will be 5? ?

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Joseph Pedulla 27 May 2018

Thanks, Bri! I got them all. Thanks for your kind comments! Greatly appreciated.

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Joseph Pedulla 27 May 2018

Yes, I see all the comments. Thank you so much for your kind words. Greatly appreciated!

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Bri Edwards 27 May 2018

while 'working' to put this poem today into the showcase i happened to notice Joseph responses to my comments, which are split up, as PH no longer allows comments over a certain length. i rarely notice responses left on a poem's page, so poets may wish to send their responses (also) to me in messages! ;) (cont.) ..

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Bri Edwards 26 May 2018

(cont.) .. i intend to include this poem in my June 2018 showcase of 15 PH poems by 15 authors. each usually-monthly showcase has a title which includes the month and year it is first meant to be viewed. it is treated by PH as a single poem by me (which it isn't, of course) and it is therefore in my PH list of poems. thanks! if you have questions, please ask me (in a message) . your name shall be prominently displayed. bri ;)

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Joseph Pedulla 27 May 2018

Thank you so much, Bri! i think that's a fantastic idea! I don't know how to thank you enough. Now, just a question: your comment starts with (cont.) .. I can't find what came before that. Is there a way I can see what came before? Well, again, thank you for your kindness! It means so much to me.

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Bri Edwards 26 May 2018

(cont.) ..i'm enjoying the rhyming and especially the whole third stanza. very nice! AND theirs/Adam's heirs! to MyPoemList before i'm done reading. so, the last line MEANS that i, Bri, may yet get to Heaven? ! well, maybe not, because i DO feel i'm worth the bliss promised by religion, but i don't believe in Heaven. ? maybe! if so, i'll probably see it! ! (continued) ..

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Joseph Pedulla 27 May 2018

Yes! I believe you will get to heaven. And if there's no heaven, you'll be in a place where all good souls go, the kind of people who, like you, leave kind comments for people like me! Cheers!

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