The Broken Heart Poem by Randy Johnson

The Broken Heart

I'm shocked and it's hard for me to believe.
My fiancee has left me on New Year's Eve.
I thought she loved me and it's hard for me to understand.
My fiancee said goodbye and she ran off with another man.
I was good to her and there is something I've come to regret.
She convinced me to mortgage my home and buy her a brand new Corvette.
She left me and it has broken my heart and reduced me to tears.
After this, I know that it will be impossible to enjoy the new year.
She ran off with that man in the Corvette that I bought.
I hope she and her lover will suffer, I hope they will rot.
She was supposed to marry me and give me a life time of happiness.
That wicked witch played me like a fiddle and now I'm so depressed.
When she ran off in the car that I bought, she added insult to injury.
My poor heart is broken and as I enter the new year, I'll be in misery.

The Broken Heart
Friday, December 31, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: fiction,misery,pain,sad
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