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The Change ? - Poem by Damian Murphy

Is it not strange, it seems so to me
How much women change after matrimony
When we went steady for every date
She did not spend hours getting ready, was not always late
She was more than happy with the smallest present
She never once nagged me, was always so pleasant.
She always looked great, stood out in the crowd
Always telling her mates how I made her so proud.

A love life so fantastic, every single night
Though marriage seemed drastic it all seemed so right
Yes I was her king and could totally understand
Her constantly hinting I would make a great husband.
I eventually said Yes and we strode down the aisle
All was joy and happiness, for a short while
But then it all went wrong, very unhappily
The honeymoon did not last that long, regrettably

Her nagging was incessant, she was always in a strop
I welcomed the silent treatment; it made the nagging stop
She spent more time out shopping than she did with me
Never stopped ‘til she was dropping, I was facing bankruptcy
Yet when we were going anywhere, (which became a rare thing)
she never had a thing to wear, which meant even more shopping.
Our love life was non existent; she never cut me a break
She seemed to have an almost persistent, night time headache

She let herself go, some days not even getting dressed
She put on a pound or so which had her constantly stressed
She started comfort eating and took to the wine of a night
There was no point in my speaking, it always ended in a fight.
Try as I might, she never seemed to be satisfied
It seems I could do no right, though God knows I tried.
There was nothing I could say, even less that I could do
I thought fondly of our wedding day when our love was true

She never seemed to think of me like she did before
though hand on heart honestly, I could do no more
I tried absolutely everything but it was all in vain
Told her I would do anything to have her love me again
But everything she loved about me, she now seemed to hate
She treated me like I was the enemy, it was all too late
So I walked out the door thinking what an awful shame
vowing never to get married anymore, thanks all the same.

Topic(s) of this poem: humour

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