The Color Of Love Poem by Alicia Gail Lightsey

The Color Of Love

I sat out to find The Color of Love, searching here and there
But much to my surprise my eyes couldn't find the Color of Love anywhere
As I was walking along the oceans' shore, a raindrop touched my face
And every member within my body felt the vibration of its trace

First it touched my heart it caused my spirit to flow so free
Then I thought my God, The Color of Love must be within me
Slowly I closed my eyes so that my soul could embrace the rain
Then I kicked my shoes off, releasing my feet from their chains

As I held my head back letting the raindrops kiss my face
I could feel my spirit freely flowing to a perfect time and place
Softly the wind blew a kiss upon my skin
Then I thought my God, The Color of Love must be within

I said to my soul, as it instructed me to undress my spirit so it too could enjoy the rain
What about those people who'll see me? It said, in spirit we are all the same
Slowly my hands began to undress my spirit and my flesh fell to the sand
My spirit began to run and run, caressing the feeling of being born again

While running on the beach, in complete nudity with the rain touching the depth of my soul
I thought to myself, The Color of Love is the story of life, waiting to be told
Then came the sunset, as it painted itself beneath the ocean blue
And the beauty of the moon and all the stars danced around it too

As I continued to run along the oceans' shore with the raindrops and the wind
My spirit softly whispered, to find The Color of Love, follow the path that leads within

Sunday, August 7, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: inspirational
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