See Me As I Am Poem by Alicia Gail Lightsey

See Me As I Am

If you could "SEE ME AS I AM" you would realize
I am not somewhere up there beyond the bright blue sky.
If you would seek my truth I'd reveal myself to you-
Open the windows of your heart and let my light shine through.
Little by little you will glimpse my face,
but you cannot identify me with the human race.
Like a seed I'm invisible, the Creator of Mankind-
Not just a fragment of your mind.
As the self seeks the soul, I grow and unfold
I am the universe in harmony, all life I behold.
I took a piece of clay to mold in my hand
I shaped it to my desire then I called it a man.
I blew my breath into him to give him life,
so he wouldn't be lonely, I made him a wife.
I filled man with hopes and let him dream dreams
I gave him power to do impossible things.
When he went on his way and found himself lost
I sent JESUS to find him and charged him no cost.
"SEE ME AS I AM", I sent my Son to you
I gave you my best and what did you do?
Through divine grace, He wasn't loss
When you nailed his hands and feet to the cross.
Take a closer look, "SEE ME AS I AM" today
I sent my Son before me to prepare the way.
He's the Savior of the world, the sacrificial lamb;
Now come a little closer and "SEE ME AS I AM."

Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: god
Michael Walkerjohn 22 July 2016

Aloha Alicia... Welcome to Ph.c and thank you for bringing along Tinkerbell... You have captured the calm of a message that is far older than you imagine... one that is thoroughly repetitious over the entire history of the human species... Of a heavenly divinity in this creation... not as simplified as your teachings have lead you to believe... Little by little you will glimpse my face... How very close you have come to this most beautiful of truths... The ability is within each of US... one can see this expressed through the smile of every new born... for they each are yet ever so much closer to home than anyone can imagine... I look forward to many more perusals of your worth expressed through your words in your posts yet to come... All of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaelw1two

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Kelly Kurt 15 July 2016

Nicely penned, Alicia .

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Thank you Kelly.....

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