Alicia Gail Lightsey Poems

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Show Me The Way

Here I am today
Father, "Show Me the Way"
May your light shine through me
So lost souls who are blind may see

See Me As I Am

If you could "SEE ME AS I AM" you would realize
I am not somewhere up there beyond the bright blue sky.
If you would seek my truth I'd reveal myself to you-
Open the windows of your heart and let my light shine through.

Blessings From Above

Our heart is like an invisible seed
A treasure planted by God indeed
A flower garden of grace and love
Kissed by raindrops from heaven above

You Came

I'm so grateful you came to save the lost
With your precious blood you paid the full cost
From Heaven son of a powerful king
You came, died on the cross, you gave everything

Your Eyes Are Watching Me

I was walking the narrow road one day
When I stopped to smell the flowers along the way
I fell asleep from the aroma and I slept for so long
I awoke one day and realized that sleeping was wrong

The Color Of Love

I sat out to find The Color of Love, searching here and there
But much to my surprise my eyes couldn't find the Color of Love anywhere
As I was walking along the oceans' shore, a raindrop touched my face
And every member within my body felt the vibration of its trace

Thank God For Children

Children are like flowers they need sunshine everyday
They need love and understanding in a very special way
Children are no fools you see, they just don't understand
All they really need is for us to lend a helping hand

Oh Mama - Oh Daddy

Oh Mama, you was the one who carried me
And Father it was through you and Mama I came to be
And Oh Mama, it was your hands that wiped away my tears
Your dedicated ways Daddy, carried me through the years

"Just Like You"

Father, give me the strength I need to make it through the day
Help me to keep my mind focused on the narrow way
There are times when I feel empty and incomplete
It's times like these I pray that you would root and ground my feet


There was a man he walked the earth
Placed in a manger, born a virgin birth
Gave sight to the blind, turned water into wine
Gave grace upon grace to all mankind

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