Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

The Colour Bar - Poem by Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)

In twilight twentieth century
men I solemnly religiously revere
not one of sapiently reverend
top three is externally white I fear.
Mohatma Mohandas Karamchand Gandi.
Nelson Rolihlaha Mandela.
Martin Luther King. Their praise I sing.
Gandi lawyer statesman Indian nationalist leader
advocating ahimsa non-violent non-cooperation
Satyagraha truth and firmness a policy of passive
resistance to British rule advocated by Gandhi
defence of and by truth imprisoned many times
by South African and later British India authorities
assassinated by a Hindu nationalist in January 1948
never posthumously awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?
Mandela lawyer black South African nationalist leader
imprisoned again from 1964 to 1990 for life on charges
of sabotage and plotting to overthrow white government
'The Black Pimpernel' during clashes with authorities
avered because of his ability to avoid South African police
using several disguises a favourite an invisible chauffeur
Mandela anti-apartheid struggle symbol of unity for
worldwide anti-apartheid racial equality movement
Mandela served 27 years in prison 46664 AIDS activist
against AIDS epidemic awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.
King US Baptist minister black American civil rights leader
Montgomery, Alabama nonviolent bus boycott of 1955
during 382 days of boycott King was arrested his home
was bombed he was subjected to personal racist abuse
250,000 march organizer on Washington DC in 1963
to demand famous “I Have A Dream” speech racial equality
assaulted arrested twenty times awarded Nobel Peace Prize
in 1964 the year Nelson Mandela was sentenced to jail for life
assassinated on motel balcony Memphis Tennessee April 1968.
Will next martyr be an Arab
a stylized western prejudged ambassador?
No an old loyal lion of Israel
who died attempting a Palestinian Israeli
intervening tightrope gap act
assassinated by an Israeli nationalist in 1995.
Mahatma (‘Great Soul’)
a graphic symbol
used in ritual meditation
enclosing a circle a square
with God on each of four sides
to represent the universe.
a circular symbolic figure
as a Hindu and Buddhist religious symbol
representing entire universe in various religions
or a symbol in a dream
representing the dreamer’s search
for completeness and self-unity.
justification by faith alone
as a cardinal doctrine
or characterized by search
theology of Martin Luther.
specific destination of faith honour
connoting highest degree of saint-ship
one who voluntarily undergoes death penalty
refusing to renounce Christian faith
refusing to renounce any article of faith
perseverance in any Christian virtue
perseverance exhibited in obedience
to any law command of holy church.
any twenty-first century apostle
of Prophet Martin Luther King
advocating equality for all humanity
as chosen spokes comprising
ever rotating great wheel turning eternally
in cosmic circle of life or characterized
by theology of Dr. Martin Luther King.
cosmic wheel
turning turning turning
souls earth incarnated
learning learning learning.
The famous scientist
Albert Einstein said
paying tribute to
Mahatma Gandhi
upon his death
'Generations to come will scarce believe
that such a man as this
walked the earth in flesh and blood'.
Funny peculiar not funny haha how
some professing faith deny men of miracles.

Written 13.3.1996.

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  • Hans Vr (8/10/2011 4:46:00 AM)

    These three are indeed among the great of the great. Perhaps these people will ornament the history books of the future. I really share the hopes with you that megalomanic criminals who just happened to be in a powerful position will be pictured as such in the the history books of the future books and not as heroes of the past (Report) Reply

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