Shalia Robinson

Rookie (November 12,1991 / Maryland)

The Consumption Of My Rejection - Poem by Shalia Robinson

The Consumption of my Rejection

Left in solitary

Rapidly causing me to remember the saying.
“No one, I mean no one can make it out here alone.”
What’s the difference between the two alone and lonely?
When they simply have the same definition.
Your aimless concentration
Resulting in agitation to not just you, but your surrounding

What happen to our relationship?
That bond and connection that existed.
Now evacuating.
Bypassing our commitment.
Having the mantra in mind to not treat others the way you’ve been handled.

Clarify for me.
The different modifications
That occurred, causing you to change and not be the same.

Why did you leave my side?
Leaving me in despair about my current situation
Never would I have thought I could experience this much agony.
Centering on my feeling of loneliness.

Every since I was young I was always abandoned.
Left alone.
And lonely.
Taking care of a young one other than myself
Now as I become a young lady that’s my desire.

To be attached.
With a companion.
Someone I can see whenever and to always be around.

Why can’t I motivate myself?
Why can’t I depend on thyself?
Why can’t I keep myself company?

You want to know why?
Because no one, I mean no one can make it out here alone.
So why aren’t you there?
And others are put there to love and care

You are the closest to me.
But the farthest in knowing me
I’ve known you the longest.
Yet I still have to wait for you.

You love me.
But I believe you only care
Because love calls for sacrifice and exposure in the air.
Not to be afraid to be vulnerable.
This loneliness is hard to bear as well as carry.
But being around you adds on to my burden.
My struggle.

Of living without acceptance.

Commitment involves compromise
So we can manage what we are currently dealing with, I don’t want to fight and argue.

I am ready for a solution.
But your unwillingness is pollution to the inner core of my heart.
When will we be able to come into agreement?
That everything is not adequate.
Stop being inconsistent
But strive for consistency.

My love has been expressed.
My living being has been rejected.
My cup has overflowed
And you continue to emit your issues involving your inner self as a result.

The consumption of my rejection.
Concludes in my feeling of loneliness.

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