The Covid-19lock-Down Has In South Africa Double Standards Poem by Gert Strydom

The Covid-19lock-Down Has In South Africa Double Standards

The government is messing with the lives of people,
the South African government mess South Africans around,
with great numbers of the dead it will be later a real mess
and with double standards people come right up to an abyss.

The informal businesses (Spasa-shops)that belong to black people
now go without any restrictions on with their business,
as if nothing deadly wants to jump from person to person,
as if under deadly circumstances it do belong like this,

while minibus taxis drive around full of people,
where informal small shops get their customers up to ten o'clock at night,
where fifty people can still attend funerals,
they can now go to any province without avoiding the virus.

Before you know it every one that travels in a minibus taxi is infected,
before you know it there is a lengthening of the lock-down in the law,
before you know it those that want to attend funerals
will be buried for a deadly thing.

Just before the lock-down came into place
a pastor travelled from Hartswater to a funeral in Bloemfontein,
did attend it and at home gave the virus to others,
who he infected when he came too close to them.

At a wedding in Hartswater he kissed the bride and bridegroom,
did wish them well and like this infected them and his whole congregation,
without knowing what he was doing gave the virus to every other person,
which made the whole Hartswater deadly ill when it did there brake out.

In less than a week the government are relaxing measures
and a person do now get the idea that for those people it's just a big joke,
where when death suddenly comes unexpected no one will laugh,
as with contact between people no one can escape this deadly thing.
© Gert Strydom

Gert Strydom

Gert Strydom

Johannesburg, South Africa
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