The Dance (9/21/11) Poem by Harlea Quinn66

The Dance (9/21/11)

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They came into our class
Asking if we were coming to the dance

I raised my hand up into the air
To show I was gonna be there

After mine was raised, you raised yours too
A small gesture that made my heart flutter

I couldn't wait for the dance
Knowing you would be there

For maybe, just maybe
I could dance with you

I straightened my hair
Put a little lip-gloss on

Hoping you would notice
How pretty I'm trying to be

I step into the darkness of the gym
And look around me

I see you wave me over
I try to hold back a grin

The music starts
A blazing noise all around us

We then begin to sway, to jump
To move to the rhythm

As I'm moving
I notice you staring

Are you staring at me?
Or at another girl?

No, I catch your eye with mine
You quickly turn away, hoping I didn't notice

The songs turn slow
Here is my moment of truth

Everyone else found a partner
Except for us

I feel like we're the only two there
That nothing can change the way I feel

We slowly move together
I blush scarlett red

I put my arms around your neck
I feel yours wrap around my waist

I can't breath
The room is spinning

Then you look in my eyes
And smile

We start to move back and forth
With not a care in the world

I could stay like this forever
Being in your arms feels so right

We say nothing
So I rest my cheek against your shoulder

I feel you pull me closer
My heart beats in my throat

We stay like that till the end of the song
And you hold me a few seconds longer

'We're just friends' I tell myself
I'm sure you're saying the same thing

But that second longer
Will last a lifetime

I now know for sure
That you will never leave my head again

My whole life changed
After that one dance

Romeo Della Valle 21 September 2011

And the Dancing Queen spoke again, eloquently! Another brilliant piece! Definitely, Poetry runs in your blood! 10+++ Keep it up! Love and Peace for always! Romeo

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