The Death Of Respect. Poem by Gordon Whittaker

The Death Of Respect.

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The youth of today but not all I may say,
have no integrity or moral principles.

They have no qualms about who they insult
whether it be their parents or another adult.

Respect has gone out of the window
it is no longer here. It meant something
in our lifetime we held it very dear.

No-one gives up their seat to elderly
people anymore, what does it matter
old woman if your feet are sore.

They shun and ignore the older generation
as though they were not there.
they don’t give a damn they really don’t care.

They won’t be so belligerent and bold,
When they too eventually grow old.

Maybe they too will look back with sadness
by their actions, and their disgrace.
for making the world a poorer place.

And respect will stay a spectre of the past,
my god, what a pity it did not last.


Oh Gordon you are SOOOoooooooo right! What ever happened to that other world when we were kids. I blame most of it on women's lib. Think about it! Good work

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Ernestine Northover 15 October 2005

So right Gordon, I despair of the younger generation today, they think they can do whatever they like and have no thought for anyone else. It's the standards of things that are going down so fast. It's scary! Good poem. So true. Sincerely Ernestine Northover

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Gordon Whittaker

Gordon Whittaker

Bolton Lancashire England
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