Bush And Blair Poem by Gordon Whittaker

Bush And Blair

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Bush and Blair, oh what a pair
they have brought the world
to the edge of despair.
The battles were decisively won
but their problems have only just begun.

Those shocking images on tv
around the world for all to see.
Humiliating acts of denigration
acts, which have shamed the U.S. nation.
Carried out by degenerates on Iraqi
prisoners of an unjust war, in
‘ Operation Shock and Awe ‘.

WMD was a false scare put out by
the backroom boys of Bush and Blair.
So they would have us believe,
but world leaders can also deceive.
As we happen to see time and again
by that sadist Saddam Hussein.

Will we ever find out the true reason?
for this war of disgrace, a war
opposed by millions
in the first place.

Let us sincerely hope that those
honourable allied soldiers who
died on foreign soil
Did not sacrifice their lives for OIL.

Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 23 August 2005

But unfortunately that is what it was for.....

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Philip Housiaux 19 March 2008

Nice rhythm and rhyme with very important content.

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good one, much better then mine on them.

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good one, much better then mine on them.

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Michael Gale 13 February 2006

A very good poem! I have also written a few poems on this subject.Papa Bush's screwed up economy,911 was meant to stun, and Terrorist's, as well as a few others.Best regards, and again we agree about this war.

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Peter A. Crowther 23 August 2005

And how many 1000s have died as a result of their misguided adventure? Good poem.

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