The Dog's Prayer Poem by Randy McClave

The Dog's Prayer

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Please God let my master love me
As I will always love and will obey him,
Let him remember to feed me when I am hungry and thirsty
And at his side I will stay! Until the day that my eyes go dim.

I will walk with him wherever he will want to go
I will always sleep at the foot or at the floor of his bed,
We can run and play in his yard, or the park, or in a meadow
And I will only eat, after my master has first been fed.

True GOD I might have accidents in our home
But, at my owner's anger please don't you ever blame,
Sometimes he is so busy I am not allowed out to roam
So, please put me, and not my master to guilt and shame.

I will bark and I will growl to protect and to warn
And I will be prepared and ready for any disaster,
To be man's companion is the reason that I was born
And I will always love and will need my master.

God, thank you for my master and a best friend
And thank for the times that we will share,
I promise you that I will be at his side and him I will defend
And if I could, for him I would always say a prayer.

So, now before I lay myself down to go to sleep
I will check and protect my master and his home once again,
I will circle three times before I earn my home and my keep
Because my ancestors and I; We are the protector of men.

Randy L. McClave

Saturday, January 24, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: Dog
Kim Barney 24 January 2015

I like it, looking at things from the perspective of the dog. Plus, if you spell dog backwards what do you get? Maybe dogs are closer to God than people are!

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Randy McClave

Randy McClave

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