The Dying Tulip Poem by Leila Kay

The Dying Tulip

Rating: 5.0

Standing in the open in a crowd of loneliness stood the dying Tulip
The heavens opened up and the rain fell upon the earth
No rain showered upon her. it escaped her drenching lovingly everything around her
She began to wither and wilt and love and life began to leave her
Just a thirsty flower forgotten by her beloved gardener

He stood watching helplessly firmly rooted to the ground his heart crying but unable to give her the one thing she asked for
He loved her but his heart was graced by another

Then silently she spoke
Today you may love me but one day soon you will uproot me and toss me aside
On top a heap of weeds only to be forgotten cast me aside
But then I shall become food for the earth blossom and bloom in the hands of another
This my beloved gardener is the tale of she your dying Tulip
Sad lonely and lost only too soon

Whilst you will have your Rose more beautiful than I
You love her cherish her adore her and in return she blooms in the shade of your love
You see her magnificent beauty
How majestic stands your beloved Rose
You worship her yet how my beloved gardener can you worship a simple flower like I
When it is the Rose that graces and adorns your garden

He stood over her torn and cried
Tears fell upon her broken petals
He pleaded with her silently
To once again bloom

But she replied
How can I stop your tears beloved gardener?
How can I once again bloom?
For it’s your tears that sustained and nourished me
How sad this worthless life
To live and feed upon the tears of the one you love
It is not for me

He gently held out his hand to touch her one last time
Be careful the heavens cried as they opened up
For this Tulip is fragile she may open her heart easily
But hold her tight and she will fall apart
As sure as the heavens opened it will once again rain
You will not look back beloved gardener
For it is the Rose that graces your heart
When the rains subside do not look back
For you will never again caress and love her to full bloom

Nyrical Poet 08 May 2007

Leila, in my eyes Tulips are far more beautiful than any Rose. I truly think that Roses are overrated, and that Tulips have more beauty and character! ! ! I loved this poem, and remember, Tulips is where the beauty's at! ! Always, Nick

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 06 May 2007

Some times the roses may look like the beauty we seek, but it`s the flowers that people just don`t see that are far more beautiful than any rose could be... let me water your flower... Leila.. Not all men are blind to beauty inside...10 love andy xxx

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