The End

Rating: 2.7

Not a whisper is heard
nor a shadow be seen.
When she gave me the word
it was vicious and lean.
And she looked so pathetic
walking down to the bus,
left behind 'the emetic'
and the ending of 'us'.

Cardboard suitcase with strap
and a small sailor's duffle,
pretty Moulin Rouge cap,
so determined her shuffle.

No, she never did turn,
couldn't bear to remember.
Oh, that women would learn
that it's cold in December!

Then the bus driver honked,
so that chapter was closed.
Now the lift door had clunked....
there she came, snivel-nosed.
'Need to talk about this',
as she dropped her small case,
'come and give us a kiss,
with your sorry old face.'

And that night it was me,
with my suitcase in hand,
as I left to be free
in a far away land.

Christine Magee 04 March 2005

Beautifully told and a delight to read. Chrissie

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Gillian.E. Shaw 04 March 2005

I like this little tale! It has a nice pace...

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Allan James Saywell 04 March 2005

i saw the title 'The End' i thought the end of the world, but know just the end for the guy with the suitcase, just between you and i herbert, was it her suitcase, generaly that is the only thing you will get when leaving on bad terms A great little poem With a warmth allan

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Sandra Osborne 04 March 2005

Well, you need to get the girl sometimes. Maybe a Ciffon girl? ? ;) nice piece.

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