The Enemy Poem by Asit Kumar Sanyal

The Enemy

It was 08 Sep 1965
The Indian Army's armoured (tank) unit
Had made substantial gains
in fierce battle in the sealkot sector
of Pakistan's Punjab province
and compelled Pakistan-Army
to move backward.
The Pakistani brigade commander
asked to Lieutenant Beg to undertake
a commando raid
into Indian frontline position
and to eliminate
one or more tank commanders.
Before dawn of 10 Sep 1965
Lt. Beg sneaked into his target area
The Indian tank was preparing for the battle
In those days, ....
There was no night vision devices
And tank battles were fought during daylight.
He identified a Squadron Commander's tank
And climbed atop unnoticed
In the loud roar of tank engines
Inside the open cupola
He spotted a Major pouring over maps
Planning for another day's battle.
Within no time, he shot the Indian Major
Through the head
And before leaving the wounded officer
He took out cloth epaulettes
of his ranks as proof
‘16 CAV' was embroidered on this.
It was the title of his regiment
He also found a holy pendent
in the Major's breast pocket
he took out that too
and crossed back into Pakistani troops
to report his brigadier.
He met Brigade Commander
And said … my job is done, sir
And gave him the epaulettes and pendent
of the Indian major he shot
The brigadier saw those very well
and came in tense.
His hands began to shake
his emotions swelled
his voice became heavy
and his eyes filled with tears
he slumped into the chair
Could not say anything.
The young lieutenant asked him
What's the problem sir?
Did I kill a Muslim officer?
The brigadier replied in a choked voice
Young man, I hadn't the foggiest idea
The 16 Cavalry has pitted against us.
He took a pause and again said
You not only killed a Muslim officer
You have done more than that
Major MAR Sheikh whom you killed
And brought his epaulettes and pendent

Friday, August 12, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: war
Asit Kumar Sanyal

Asit Kumar Sanyal

Lalgola, Murshidabad, West Bengal, India.
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