Asit Kumar Sanyal Poems

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The First Night After Marriage

It was the extreme dark as no-moon night
Continuously drizzling from long hours
Load shading was active on its routine job
The jackals were howling in bamboo clusters.

Childhood Love

I moved ahead about four decades
From my childhood love
I could not forget a single moment
And live like a loving dove.

Smart City

A smart city means
clean and green city
That has pollution free air
de-centralised facility

Hostel Life

The home is sweet,
Hostel sweeter
Life in hostel slightly different
Great blessing of it... independence

Wild Flowers/20: Association

Association has a vast meaning
It covers broad area
I am only saying
about the association of an office

Nature's Law

A male from fifteen to eighty
Is called a man
Sexually fit to date
a woman Of any age

The Dead Language

Sanskrit is called ‘a dead language'
but how it's dead?
it's the primary liturgical language of Hinduism
the philosophical language in

Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s day is like an occasion and opportunity
To pay tribute and gratitude
To the teachers
for the continuous, selfless and precious efforts

Horse Power

A man is compared with a racing horse
And his masculine power with horse power
It's the power of his sex
The power to keep his mate with him.


Know the standard of a family
From their washroom
notice the underwear of a man
you want to know whom

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