Smart City Poem by Asit Kumar Sanyal

Smart City

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A smart city means
clean and green city
That has pollution free air
de-centralised facility
Noise free atmosphere
Smart IT, communication
Developed residential areas
Efficient municipal corporation.
Smart water distribution system
Reduced carbon footprint
Better waste management
Less traffic accident.
multiple job options
Better public transport fleet
sufficient open area
Urban housing builts.
Increasing renewable energy
Higher studies college
Total public awareness.
A city that uses local knowledge.
Promotes open discussions
has no loadshading
organises Variety of cultural programmes
takes smart decisions
do smart planning.
has Separate commercial places
Roads with solar lights
Isolated industrial zones
Buildings in new hights.
Smart data management
best law and order
Trees with full of birds
and welcomes the guests.

pranay 12 August 2018

what a stupid poem i hate it

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Shawn 13 August 2018

then try making your own poem

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krishna mundra 04 August 2018

this poem was brilliant but there could be some more points

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Harsha Ammu 03 September 2019

This is good. But what is missing is the poetic flow to it. Sir, try to insert a style of your own which makes it stand apart. What I am trying to say is to make it more poetic than just giving out information. Sorry to say this. But this is what i felt while reading it. My opinion could be entirely wrong too. Don't bother. Thank you.

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Ayush Panigrahi 01 September 2019

Nice Thought You Penned it Extremely Nice

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Kumarmani Mahakul 28 August 2019

A well imaginative poem is astutely delineated. Projection of a smart city is nicely painted. I appreciate the way of presentation of this poem. Great work.10

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Shardul 24 August 2019

No tone at all in this poem you made

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Asit Kumar Sanyal 24 August 2019

If you give me few suggestions I can enrich my poem.

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Shrish katyayani 28 July 2019

Amazing poem. Keep it up

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Asit Kumar Sanyal 24 August 2019

It's my pleasure.

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Asit Kumar Sanyal

Asit Kumar Sanyal

Lalgola, Murshidabad, West Bengal, India.
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