Joseph Narusiewicz

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The Evil Over There - Poem by Joseph Narusiewicz

Quiet place where peace is real and still
Where things connect and find a home
A place where there is no disorder
I feel sorry for the hurt and mentally ill
More clouds gather for the coming storm
Street people sleeping in the parks
Tired of hearing the evil is over there
The evil is in our back yards and front yards
9 11 is all around us with greed and selfishness
Insurance companies dropped my brother
In the midst of having cancer, he died!
They still deny so many mentally ill people
Monsanto helped create allot of cancers
Round up for genetically modified soy, corn
They are going to create a genetic disease
The government is in bed with big business
The FDA and organizations for our food and air
Obese kids and Mountain Dew with caffeine
Sugar and cheap carbohydrates
Latter diabetes and heart disease
The evil is right in front of us
Piped in porno on cable TV
Kill the babies but save the whales
Ship out jobs and buy at Wal-Mart
Knowing their products are made in sweat shops
Knowing they take away more manufacturing jobs
Talk about a war on drugs while your sloppy drunk
Talk about the environment when you smoke cigarettes
We are so filled with gunrunners and warmongers
Big oil and swindlers, secret wars
National guards in poor countries
Trained to protect corporate interests
We rape the third world
In money we trust as if the laws of capitalism are Bible
Ruin the coral reefs with run off fertilizers and pesticides
Can't eat fish, lead and mercury and chemicals
Over use the land, species in jeopardy and going extinct
Ridiculous military budgets that back corporate interests
Inverted priorities everywhere you turn
CEO'S making a thousand times more than a worker
Nuclear weapons and biological genocide
Brain chips are coming and bionic man
To me all the nations of the world are evil
I can separate the cross from the flags
Only the Kingdom of God is the Holy Nation
I don’t buy the evil is over there

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 22, 2011

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