Norris BadenSemper

The Eyes Have It - Poem by Norris BadenSemper

Not in the heart but in the eyes people’s true compose you find
Yet see not the eyes when the heart wishes them to be blind
Perceive is to see with mind’s eye in classical parlance
But true understanding comes from ocular cognisance.

There are these eyes that always look high up in the sky
Then to the ground lower’d sharply while talking all the while
As though looking towards the heavens to get inspiration
While back on earth you know ‘tis just a haunting obsession.

Curious eyes that always seem to look you up and down
Like an undertaker measuring you, for the burial ground
You can’t figure out exactly what is the intention
Add it all up result is just like a vulgar fraction.

Lonely eyes with large eye balls such persons friendship seek
May lead you to think such eyes may come from those so meek
If as a man you make advances you’re out of your mind
You’ll soon find out that sympathetic love is the worst kind.

In the eyes winking while talking some things perverse lay
Unlike the eyes that wink in silence the good old flirting way
You may not understand exactly what these eyes convey
Don’t ask me I never get involved in people’s mêlée

Lastly those eyes always kept closed finger wagging to find
A point to make from deep within the psyche of the mind
Give you no chance to measure up the depth of human fear
Or single out the symptoms of crosses such people bear

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, May 5, 2011

Poem Edited: Friday, May 6, 2011

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