The Fireman's Oddesy Poem by Timothy Long

The Fireman's Oddesy

Carry me home, carry me home, houses will burn, but you will go home, promise? things will get heavy and so will the stress, bear it for them or me? horrible things to witness, know what witness, the risk involved, what a fatal attraction, fighting for those who can't, red or blue, stand up for you, carry you home, carry you home, tools will rot, machinery will fail, keep a promise to always fight, will you? always do the duty to the best of abilities and valor, nothing is more important than safety, stay safe, can you? therapy can't help those horrid images, your brotherhood will, extreme emotional disturbance, dying is a part of the act, if lucky you will survive, go home for me, will you? carry me home, carry me home, recklessness, family comes first, nothing else really matters, anything? a oddessy to survive, to fight, to help, follow this home in life as only those true can, houses will burn, but you will go home, promise?

Timothy Long

Timothy Long

Auburn, New York
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