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The Fish - Poem by Michaelpoetry Ryan

One fine summer day we were floating along
in our little rowboat singing a funny song.
The sun was shining brightly and so were our hearts;
it was such a beautiful day, I wouldn't know even where to start
how to describe what a perfect day it was,
no cold winds to chill us, no pesty mosquitoes.
We were just sitting there relaxing and afloat
when all of a sudden a little fish jumped into our boat!
"Oh no! ", he cried, "I didn't want for that to happen.
I was just feeling so good, and my fins began a flappin'.
I know you like to eat fish, but please don't bonk me on the head.
I don't want to end up cooked and on a piece of bread."
"If you put me back into the water with all the other fish,
I promise you, I'll grant you both whatever you may wish."
We looked at each other and thought about this only for a second
and looked down upon the place where the little fish had beckoned.
His eyes were full of tears by now and we looked at him and said,
"Don't worry little fish. We won't bonk you on the head."
We picked him up so carefully and placed him in the lake,
and as he turned to swim away, his tail gave a little shake.
As he left, he turned to ask, "What was it that you wished? "
We smiled at him and waved goodbye and said, "We already have it,
little fish."

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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