The Gravestone Poem by Timothy Long

The Gravestone

So long and farewell,
so long and goodbye,
forever to be an unearthed secret,
the worlds so dreary and ugly,
put to sleep forever like a glocked gun,
angels hear the sounds never nearing,
is it better to dissapear in the wind or stay put forever,
whether to die a good man or as a monster only god can chose,
so forgotten as graveyards are,
to decay with unintelligible fungi,
like the sense of reality being crushed forever,
a barren destitute sort of empty,
should being remembered good?
in moments like these,
the mirror of stone cracking the visitor into a mixture of emotions,
like the souls is us together,
i don't deserve it anyway,
i dont deserve any of it,
there are words to describe me and none of it is good,
forever turning the world gray,
im just dirt,
forever gone but not from the wind,
just from the decay of death,
the essence that lives in us all,
never to know whats happening,
can we make it home again?
of like a soul without a body,
an essential pureness and defiance in the face of any captor,
whats the degradation?
asking without preamble is there any cure?
is there anything wrong with living?
yes absolutely,
and why's that?
because death is living,
where living is worse than death,
it's like an endless pit and you never really reach the bottom,
so long and goodnight,
like the peace to say,
so long and farewell,
so long and goodbye.

Monday, February 1, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: death,goodbye,grave,life,love,sadness
Gajanan Mishra 01 February 2016

very fine one, farewell and goodbye..

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Timothy Long

Timothy Long

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