The Great Man Poem by Timothy Long

The Great Man

Never was he a terror or a brute, but exceedingly a man with a plan, with all the glamour and parties to show he is fun and pleasant with a charming life, that pleases many, no crime or anything done to this man can soothe his charisma for the love he holds is for all with no hate or violence in his mind, the greatness phases not this man who respects all and only hated by one, the great but lonely man only wants one but she has another, searching her love has ended with a transcending depression, temperament is rare and friendship is of one this man has many connections to good and bad, rumor's are always around with tales spinning to others, may the women he loved did disappear, blessed with manners coming down everything is that expand in greatness of this man is forever a fairytale.

Timothy Long

Timothy Long

Auburn, New York
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