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The Great Inhibitor

Freedom, life, and liberty, just a few, things that hatred killed
For me, and in my childhood, secretly, by the devil
Named the torture tech, a new thing, that consist, what it purpose was
I hadn't heard of drugs, cults, or anything that somebody
Planned, or should I say it plural
Now we know, how the Light was scammed
Hoped to disinvent me
Destroy me, so i can't write again
Hoped the fans, would see them, as really
Who God created me, while they had the 'greatness inhibitor'
Stealing every joy, remotely, being a hindrance, on purpose
To switch my light with darkness, sent discreetly
Didn't see the holy child as gentle sheep
And rather than show mercy, they branded flesh
That was claimed, already, purchased, with a great price
Saints, proclaim the Christ the same, wickedness
The sick scheme, tarried unto fruition, though
Inhibitor, ain't stop God, special aid, to artistic thieves
Crucify the Lord, for His glory, then leave Him on the cross
The thorns are pressed, whatever to undermine
To extort the Light, the swords and plans to increase
Control, the Gospel, destroy the best
Before the truth could spread, my reports are futile
The torture active, military, targeted, by the structures
And arbitrarily, while the favorite artists, of those, are free
To perform a framing, and to larcen, while I'm the victim still
While the world is frozen
Everyday, the dragon, commit to this, while my girl expose him
Places, been obsessed, for my detriment, towns, since I was 7
Planned to lie ahead of time, on my life, so I die a peasant
Since the 'great inhibitor', or the torture, that artists sent
To limit my potential, although it failed, still
Some glue themselves, to me, to still complete it
The jealousy, structures, watched it form
The beast suggested evil, rewarded, then they forgot the Lord
Overlook the facts, truth and every word, to absorb me still
Various double standards, the structures, help liars extort and kill
An artist, for their real skill, in advance, even murdered saints
To clear a path for satan, to hide Elijah, and turn the sacred name
Into a 'frame joke', that's a phrase I just made, o
I spoken just the truth, 'cause my talent great, i got chains on, my skull
The famous placed there, long before i was formally seen
Lied on me excessively
They possessed cause the Lord in me
Through the years I learned this
Even now, no remorse is seen, from darkness
For this cruel scam, I'm told, was to preserve tradition, of them
Though I'm not even close to that, then said
No excuse, for it, dusts, is all, that I ever known
Dusts was never sown though, by me, just did my best for God

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