The Hardworking Mother Poem by justice bernard brown

The Hardworking Mother

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The hard working mother...
Never sleeps or rests
Pushing until light falls
And pulling until day breaks

The hard working mother...
Is the ice in the fire
Yet keeps moving with pride in her step
And motivation in her heart

The hard working mother...
Is like water,
Always taken for granted until needed,
Used everyday yet not noticed,
Takes different forms but is never awarded

The hard working mother...
Gets tired and frustrated,
Gives love and compassion,
Always needed never replaced

Only one day is given,
Only 24hrs is spared
To the hard working mother,
Whose burden was never shared

Nader Baheri 30 January 2013

fantistic written.not only your mother but all mothers around the world would praise this masterpiece of art. an adorable written for all mothers.also your feeling about your mother is appreciable.~nb

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Bri Edwards 27 December 2012

of the five or so poems by justice that i have just read, this is my favorite. i really like the comparison of mother to water. very nice. but what is meant by the poet's comment below? ? let me know........please.

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Justice Bernard Brown 19 January 2012

step* it wont let me fix it

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justice bernard brown

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