The Irony Poem by Stewart The Maverick

The Irony

You never needed a knight in shinning armour
Or someone to give you compliments
To tell you you had a great sense of humour
To stir in you confidence
You never asked for roses
Or one of those expensive perfume
Someone to soothe your bruises
Or call at midnight just cause they thought of you
Because you knew things would happen when your time was due
During that time you looked to your friends, the few that were there
Those you knew would rilly care
You looked to your flaws your imperfections
and at the core, you were a pinnacle of perfection
An angel in a humans body,
Now tell me If that's not a true story, if not! .
let em take you into custody.
life is funny because now they need you to be their Knight,
They need you to give em compliments,
To stir in em confidence
The Irony......
The irony pieces everything together and makes it just a bit more clear because you know your not the type to mess up something good, looking for something better only to end up, with something worse.

Monday, April 30, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: irony,soul
Chinedu Dike 30 April 2018

Witty reflection, well articulated and elegantly brought forth with conviction. Well thought out and nicely crafted. Thanks for sharing.

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