The Journey Of Love Poem by Vaibhav Simha

The Journey Of Love

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Bleak is this world with no bliss hovering:
The Second Coming, none spared from dreading;
This earth, so effete, no more can pillar
The spite making everyone a killer.

Yet to remedy this, the avenue
Is not distant, nor are dwams its venue.
Auguring its birth, at times, abruptly,
Concocted is this spell, brewing slowly.

An occult so arcane and empyrean,
Its root be the merry tear from the sky
Mizzling down, callow—heard is no clarion;
To hamper its advance no man can try.

This pure droplet born of sky and heavens
Has a destiny to consign to man;
Quelling the desire to sprout too early,
The spirit within reaches the good earth.

Barren soil on which wafted throes and calm,
No root to bear fruit, no awning for shade
Wherein would last carnal plays full of charm,
But now lay remote; soon more life would fade…

Thus the aerial seedling has perched to pounce,
To strike the stem of hatred and to trounce
The acrimony ailing the lame ground,
Traversed the malpais and something it found—

—the radix of it all: a lonely soul.
And, with warmth, its still heart the droplet stole.
Turn the arid land virid; comes the dove
To declare: "it was all the work of love! "

Thursday, October 22, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: love
The journey of love.

1. dwams: dreams
2. malpais: desolate land
3. radix: origin
4. auguring: announcing
5. callow: immature and inexperienced; young
Valsa George 30 October 2020

You are right....! In a rift ridden world, love is the panacea to all ills of mankind and it is heaven sent! Happy to see your return to poem hunter with your rocking poems.....!

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Valsa George 30 October 2020

I concur with the opinion of our good friend Bri! When people are busy with too many occupations and engrossed with challenges, they have not enough time or patience to open a dictionary and look for words! I feel your talent can be used for writing poems using words in common usage. Then they will appeal better to ordinary readers like us!

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 28 October 2020

I am so happy to see you retun to PH and also follow my advice you lace you thesaurus as notes these old eyes and rotten brain now feel life has drained from the desires of becoming a celebrity now an entirely lost entity when i read your kind of poetry i question ppme are a hopeful celebrity blast thee thyself in the cauldrons of time yes says ppme no one shall read me as if it's the doings of DIVINE O PP you are just a meek me no celebrity Romantic born poet poet me yeps poet PLUME

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Bri Edwards 25 October 2020

the glossary is welcome, but my time is short and i won't take advantage of it. ; ( I'll take your word for the topic " love" . i read through quickly and it had too many words which are not in my vocabulary, and it didn't SEEM straightforward in its meaning; i certainly didn't " get it" . but other readers may well be impressed. good luck. bri :)

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