A Village's Story Poem by Vaibhav Simha

A Village's Story

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There was a village, far beyond the waterfall.
Houses built on the wet but stable soil;
People do relax, but most of the time, they toil.
Children do enjoy, in the heavy but gentle rainfall.

Men guard their houses by providing their heart's wall,
Women guard their husbands' dear children in the protected wall.
All the people toil in their work, but we, the city men, just work on the net
While the farmers dear, expose their hands to cuts and mud wet.

They spend time, socially near, instead of using the destructive social sites.
They don't use coolers, instead, they sleep outside the nights;
We do eat their carefully grown food, but we do laugh at their profession.
Did we ever think, how much we harm the nature, by using our vehicles as an addiction?

But they don't, they walk and keep themselves fit
While we think, we are rich and have a better wit.
But don't forget, the lamps they lit
And their hard work to fill up our tummy's pit.

Now people, do you really think we are better?
Better than the people who feed animals fodder.
All we can do is respect them, help them
And raise the thought of unity which shall increase our nation's integrity.

Chinedu Dike 04 December 2020

Really an insightful rendition in verse with rhythmic splendour.

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Valsa George 07 May 2020

But those poor farmers are never given enough credit they deserve. Their life is like a gamble. If the weather and the market are favourable they get enough to pull on. Otherwise they are left to shambles. An apt tribute to farmers that reflects an empathetic attitude to the neglect they suffer.

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Vaibhav Simha 07 May 2020

Great analysis of the situation of the farmers. You are too kind to point out the messy style and desperation for rhyme in this poem.

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Valsa George 07 May 2020

But don't forget, the lamps they lit And their hard work to fill up our tummy's pit. This poem has much relevance in the days of Lockdown when the world economy is collapsing and everyone is forced to find his own sustenance. 'Back to the soil' is a slogan heard aloud in these days! Our farmers' hard toil alone provides the world with the food we need.

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Jazib Kamalvi 15 April 2017

They are better than us, of course. Thanks for insight.

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Vaibhav Simha 15 April 2017

I would like to know, how's this poem, I expect an honest opinion.

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