Remember Me When You Forget Poem by Vaibhav Simha

Remember Me When You Forget

Rating: 4.5

Oh, my evanescent love, pray that the time of our abrupt separation does not come;
Pray that we live long in togetherness and intimacy superlative of our moments, perfectly done.
Let our hearts become one, and scintillating be our bond,
And facilitate us proclaim its sealing through this euphoric song.

But since there is no estimation of what fate lays under our steps,
Should there be a time of our bifurcation, forget me not in the abyss.
Await me, for I shall pursue after the conjunction of our souls; and spectate how hatred frets—
And atop the highest pinnacle of the moon we shall sit, and in silence, we shall kiss.

Remember me, when you forget, that by you I always stood
And fancied you in the shadows, behind an expressionless hood.
Remember me, when doom arrives, that I was both your sails and wind
In the tempest that once inundated you in your life, because you sinned.

Forget not the times of our laughs and mirth, lest be the end of life.
After all, it was you for whom my blood throbs and gushes.
With our union, if the feared time doesn't barge, let it be the epitome to end strife;
And together we shall witness the way love flushes.

It has been a voyage through multitudinous vortexes, and ruination,
But it was our determination that debarred our love's labefaction;
So haste you love as well, and ecstasies shall come to you in argosies,
Lubricating us both to rejuvenate the validity—and even create—our ancient fantasies!

Sunday, March 17, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: happiness,love
An ode to love
Anjandev Roy 18 March 2019

Fantastic poem with profound meaning. Thanks. anjandev roy.

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Bonaventure Onuabuchi 13 April 2019

The message is good, but I mostly enjoy the rhyming.

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Bri Edwards 23 April 2019

the poem, to me, is very highfalutin [a word i may never have used till now, didn't know how to spell, and probably haven't heard used in about fifty years, and then perhaps only on a TV show, maybe a 'Western' (aka cowboy show) " high·fa·lu·tin /ˌhīfəˈlo͞otn/ adjective INFORMAL (especially of speech, writing, or ideas) pompous or pretentious." .......BUT THE WORD HAS MANY (varying) synonyms! ! ! bri :)

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Bri Edwards 23 April 2019

P.S. i'll have to return another day to leave more comments. only this i'll say for now: in " what fate lays under our steps" , i'd use " lies" , not " lays" , a common enough error! bri :)

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Bri Edwards 26 April 2019

1- in a previous comment i suggested " highfalutin" as a word to describe (in part) this poem. the author has asked me to elaborate on my usage of " highfalutin" . he most rightly should ask me to elaborate! ! ! i WAS a bit uncomfortable using it for the poem. one of the meanings of highfalutin is " pretentious" , as stated earlier. (cont.)

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 28 October 2020

MR BRI seems to be your pal he has taken all your pains to place you in the Right lanes at least thank him VS FLAMBOYANT POEM

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Harindhar Reddy 27 April 2020

Yup it's true love true love lasts forever.....there is strong message which seems be union of two souls with a single heart beat....10++ rated poem.. thumbs up!

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Bri Edwards 27 April 2019

(cont.) 3 - gushes/flushes is nice rhyming. i think you mean reddening (like a face, due to emotions) so it could be related to love, but if i weren't grasping for a rhyme, i think i'd use " flourishes" instead. last stanza is esp. containing words not very familiar (to me): really only " labefaction" and " argosies" . i hope s/he remembers " you" ! bri :) ok, to MyPoemList.

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Bri Edwards 27 April 2019

(cont.) 2 - also esp. enjoyed: " ..I was both your sails and wind" cute! what sinning did s/he do? ? ? [ No genders are identified in poem ] stanza 4, line 2: you mix tenses with " was" (past) and " throbs/gushes" (present) . not sure of use of " barge" here. (cont.)

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Bri Edwards 27 April 2019

1 - " facilitate us proclaim" - maybe " to proclaim" ? i esp. like this: " atop the highest pinnacle of the moon we shall sit, and in silence, we shall kiss." ...but wear overcoats. i heard the moon can be VERY COLD. (cont.)

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