The Kind Doctor Poem by Baidurya Mukherjee

The Kind Doctor

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As I was passing through the countryside,
I saw a farmhouse very wide,
A small blue pool acquired a little space,
The farm was a lovely place....

In the middle of the farm,
Looking at a house I was charmed,
It was half-Broken Down,
And its colour was Dark-Brown....

I, from inside heard a sound,
And went Inside, and there I found!
An old woman sitting on a bed,
And her husband beside her, blood oozing out of his head.....

Her husband was half-dead,
And the woman was really afraid,
'cause he didn't want him to die,
She sobbed a little and broke into a cry.....

I felt sorry for them both,
And in front of them took an oath,
That I will not let the husband die,
To guide him back from the mouth of hell, I will try.

I being a pauper didn't own much,
But the situation was such,
That I had to save him at any cost,
Otherwise his soul will be lost....

I took out all the money I had,
That I saved up from when I was a lad,
Then I called a doctor there,
And he came as quick as a hare....

He treated him from high to low,
He treated him from eye to toe,
and at last after the treatment was done,
He told me 'Listen Son! '

I know you're selfless and very generous,
And this case was really dangerous,
But the good will always win all the way,
And the old man is out of danger today! ! ! !

Then I tried to pay him,
The expression on his face was grim,
'I did not do this to get paid,
i did it for everyone's welfare'he said...

Captain Herbert Poetry 25 April 2014

emotional climax feels in your poem, GOOD Please comment on my poems

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Ahmad Shiddiqi 31 March 2010

Very touching! ! ! Remind me of William Carlos Williams' biography(a great poet) , he himself was a doctor and helped more than 2,000 new born.

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