The Last Poem I Will Waste On You (Lifeless Birthday Wish) Poem by Mohammed Hassan (Piracy In The Mediterranean)

The Last Poem I Will Waste On You (Lifeless Birthday Wish)

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I wish I could relive when you gave me that riddle note,
An everyday's birthday note for me, I can't go back for it,
And I wish that I wouldn't let go all the things you gave me
A happy ending for anything that we once shared, did not we?
Still you want me to make you a wish?

But I did not remember that today
Is your birthday however I had you
In a dream last night and I cannot remember it
Revealed when it's time for me to know

Lifeless were the papers of your book
Boundless were the letters of every word
Rhymeless were my words in every line even I stole them
Mindless when I was trying to defy them
Foolishness was the only word for actions
So will you be there even across all of these tragedies?

You were my book and I couldn't read its lines
I just read them, but I didn't understand
What I have found there inside of their hearts,
But these are not us in the books we read

Merna Ibrahim 05 June 2011

A good poem mohammed, , I like the last stanza the most..but actually I feel a little bit lost according to understanding what do you mean..but it is still a good poem :) !

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