Innocence Is Weakness Poem by Mohammed Hassan (Piracy In The Mediterranean)

Innocence Is Weakness

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I heard too many songs of love, and I'm sick of love
sometimes I lie to be like everyone
had you ever told someone a big lie?
and you had believed it
only one thing to be known, everyone lies
don't forget it

but some of them lie because they are breathing on lie
and some of them wants to be like everyone by lie

I'm the antilove, I'm the slayer venom, I'm the killing poison
I can pick my soul it falls in front of you
I don't want to be sweet innocent thing
innocence is weakness
only one thing to be known, everyone dies
don't you think it

but some of them die because they don't deserve life
and some of them want to die because they didn't live

hurry up and lock the door, look back if no one's there?
so, wear your escaping cloth, you can't run you can hide
just kill yourself because you're dead in my mind
you don't belong to me, you belong to yourself

I lost my soul so long ago

Ankita Sharma 17 March 2010

strong, penetrating thoughts just a little bit scary, though new.....but innocence is a many splendoured thing but I appreciate the effort you put in thinking

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Rania Hammoud 17 January 2010

Hi m7ammad I like innocence and to go back to innocent moments to live them again BUt as u said i find innocence sometimes is weakness but it's not always Maybe coz most of poeple now lack innocence, then it maybe considered weakness anyway u well express and explain ur opinion IT's a nice poem

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Eyan Desir 14 December 2009

Well express yet again....

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Merna Ibrahim 11 December 2009

Yes, everyone lie but you have to realize that NOBODY'S PERFECT..and some people lie and spend their whole lifetime lying..but some people lie and then realize that they have committed a sin and have done something wrong and prohibited..and then they repent, regret and don't lie again..and this is the good people who know the difference between wrong and right and have ethics and faith. I don't agree with this 2 linesbut some of them die because they don't deserve life and some of them want to die because they didn't live' because when a person dies he die because his lifetime is over which God has specified it...I don't agree also that innocence is weakness, may be innocence is weakness in our era but the Innocence as a word is BRILLIANT... I respect your thoughts and poem of course but i am just saying my opinion.. Sorry for writing a Big comment: D! ! Well written poem...Good Job :) Merna.

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The Lost.. 03 December 2009

but innocence isnt is the big lie and weakness

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