Mohammed Hassan (Piracy In The Mediterranean) Poems

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Al Zabaaniyah

you used to be proud of your ancient gods of time
now show us what your gods have done
they don't have meaning for life of these new days
they are a fantasy for the hollow eyes

Cold Iron Holes

choose your way this is the part ways
are you ready to choose your way?
never matters what they said
this is the roses discussion dream

The Withered Gardens

the blank sheets are hungry
so let the ink get the summary
what happened last night
not forgotten just still unknown

Heart Of The Sea

Atmosphere full of fear
Hard to feel the heat of tear
Heart of the sea turns into steel
That dream is only so real

Jim Hawkins's Diary

every boy grew up must go to the sea
home sick, mother's warm embraces to me
Lily, I love you please just wait for me

A Red Sad Coat

a lifewish ends undone
and the neverending tale goes on

I hid myself devouring my fears

My Circus Show

you are welcome to my world, the circus of my life
show me what it seems to be like them
they always come and they always all will go
no one can stay because we are placed in hell

The Same Blue Daybreak

the same footsteps that I take
in the same roads that I walk
with the same sins that I make
about the same love I never had

The Joker (Cruel Laughters)

what is the big deal to be a joker?
by laughing and hanging all around
he will always be the winner
by laughing and making new jokes

Innocence Is Weakness

I heard too many songs of love, and I'm sick of love
sometimes I lie to be like everyone
had you ever told someone a big lie?
and you had believed it

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