The Joker (Cruel Laughters) Poem by Mohammed Hassan (Piracy In The Mediterranean)

The Joker (Cruel Laughters)

Rating: 5.0

what is the big deal to be a joker?
by laughing and hanging all around
he will always be the winner
by laughing and making new jokes

he will always be that lucky one
because he's smiling to that naked world
but inside he's completely done
he's still laughing, making new jokes

they see him and point their fingers
his scars placed with the green blots
they're laughing looking at each other
falling asleep beneath these bright spots

if I am the one who can make you laugh?
a hypocrite to the world that never dies
trade with me and lose your life
this is the backstage of your lies

suffocated by all these warm claps
he waited for that night when he was falling down

he can only run when the act is done none to help him
he can find fear sleeping in his bed
I know that he holds his fears inside
this world stopped and threw him aside
in that night just leave him be

Ankita Sharma 06 April 2010 are imagining the plight of a joker in a world that comes across to you as untrue and troublesome? That's a nice way of expressing your dissatisfaction

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The Lost.. 15 April 2010

he can find fear sleeping in his bed... nice one...well expressed. thanks.: D

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Reem Ehab 13 April 2010

It's an interesting poem..the idea is great and your words are really expressing.. you have a unique style in writing..which makes it easy to read.. hope you do better and better... waiting for more genius! !

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Omar Ibrahim 08 April 2010

it's difficult to laugh and make people laugh when you're sad....well done, , thanks for sharing

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Abhinav Baruah 07 April 2010

Well said... poignant write, friend... you could see the tragedy behind the jokes.... thanks for sharing..10+

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Lady Grace 06 April 2010

to be a joker is not a joke..but there are people who r born naturally joker....ur piece is very nice..

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