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Utopia is a place where you can find pure air
A place where everyone is kind, polite and fair
A place where there are Angels flying everywhere
A place where there is neither sadness nor despair.


Did you think before about the colors? ?
they spread everywhere; in clothes & flowers.....

Every color gives you a specific feeling


so many years.
so many fears.
so many tears.

Adam & Eve

They are the first people created on this universe.
Because of their existence, we found the earth.
They are the origin of our race.
God created them with a body and face.


Oh! You are a little black boy,
and playing with your small toy.
Oh! You are black from outside,
but your heart and soul are white.

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Angelica Ayman 23 July 2009

i think that she's a great girl she loves everybody she's very kind and sweet and she knows how to chose a good idea and she talks about it in a great way with great rhymes and very powerful words she knows how to take your attention without that you see her we can't find lot of peoples like these in our days it's smth that we only find one time and i'm very proud to know a person as such god bless her, , elle est tojours dans mon coeur [100% 10+++++++++++++++++]

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Whitney t 07 July 2009

I love her poems. They are so true in every way. She is really a great poet. The words in the poems are very touching. I just love your poems and I give you more than 10/10 I give you 100%

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Menna Gamal 01 June 2009

she is intellgent, wise, helpful and generous. i really liked her poems, she has a speical way of writing. she is my best friend.

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p.a. noushad 24 March 2009

i love your poems, your poems stain the beauty of realities.

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Omar Ibrahim 21 March 2009

a different girl who is wellbred and friendly with every's difficult to find an egyptian girl like her....she wants to learn as much as she can....she is intelligent and she has also excellent english language....god bless her..

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p.a. noushad 09 May 2015

merna, I like your verses very much.

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p.a. noushad 09 May 2015

Dear Merna Ibrahim, your enchanting verses give me the insight of life.

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Ahmed Abomahfouz 15 June 2011

your poems are fantastic and discuss important things in life also some poems are religious and others are necessary messages to human kind, i love to find these creative brains like you in Egypt

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p.a. noushad 14 October 2009

i love your poems very much.

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~ Jon London ~ 14 September 2009

Merna's poetry has the power to bring your mind into a world where everything is possible, and never lost...She speaks of childhood friends, the memories they share..the smile the laughter..and also the tears...Her ability to capture a moment and paint it in her brilliant and inspiring unique fashions...The mark of a natural poetess as you will agree whilst reading this fresh breed of poets work....For such a young lady....she has a whole lot of insight....Sit and enjoy her talent. All the very best to you Merna my friend God bless Jon

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