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Utopia is a place where you can find pure air
A place where everyone is kind, polite and fair
A place where there are Angels flying everywhere
A place where there is neither sadness nor despair.

Did you think before about the colors? ?
they spread everywhere; in clothes & flowers.....

Every color gives you a specific feeling


so many years.
so many fears.
so many tears.

They are the first people created on this universe.
Because of their existence, we found the earth.
They are the origin of our race.
God created them with a body and face.


Oh! You are a little black boy,
and playing with your small toy.
Oh! You are black from outside,
but your heart and soul are white.

This poem is revised by the great poet'John Knight'.

Yes, you were born my friend without an aim.
The circled target board was created by you.


At night, everything take a rest.
The birds are silent in their nest.
Humans take a break after doing their best.
And the child sleeps next to his mother's breast.

Wake up Arabs and Muslims.
Don't waste your rights and be victims!
It's our Prophet's will and orders
It's a task and burden on our shoulders.

Ramadan is a holy month;
It's the month of mercy, worship and blessing.
Your heart become pure and empty from any depressing.

When I remember your efforts for me when I was a child
I remember your treatment, how mild....

After you had gone.

This is a duet from'Merna ibrahim & Angelica Ayman':

Maybe life will not give you everything.
I know it's prefidious and sometimes give you stings.

When you leave me, I feel that I am lost,
because you are the angel who fire every ghost.
Oh mother, you are like the magnificent flower in my life,
I can't explain the care and warmth that you always give! !


Life is full of questions
Life is full of intentions
Life is full of frustration
Life is full of hesitation

Some people are talented naturally
Some of them use their talents tactfully
Their talents are different

The majority of people's lives are plastic
Unfortunately they think it's so fantastic

Sadly they don't know just what it is they want


You are the source of heat and light.
During the morning, the girl flies her kite,
And the flowers sway with delight.
You ignite the whole universe..Yes it's right.

Health is a gift so value it.
Protect it and don't let it drift.
Health is a noble and valuable prize.
Don't waste it - preserve it - be wise.

Can you imagine the beauty of sea at sunrise and sunset?
When the golden sun shines and smiles to you.
When the sky looks orange and releases you
In this time, you feel relaxed...and you feel you are in utopia.


Plants are very tender
they are not from one gender

they die

I am an important thing in your body.
I help you to study.
I make you able to write.
I make you able to hold the kite.

The Best Poem Of merna ibrahim


Utopia is a place where you can find pure air
A place where everyone is kind, polite and fair
A place where there are Angels flying everywhere
A place where there is neither sadness nor despair.

In Utopia unique humans are not so rare
They all love each other and for emotions care
No envy, lying or hypocrisy - I swear
Everything and everyone's ideal I'm aware

I really really wish I really could be there
But going to Utopia's a big affair.

This poem is revised by the great poet'John Knight'

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Mezzo812 Mezzo812 03 January 2009

I salut thee for these touching words

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Omar Ibrahim 21 March 2009

a different girl who is wellbred and friendly with every's difficult to find an egyptian girl like her....she wants to learn as much as she can....she is intelligent and she has also excellent english language....god bless her..

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p.a. noushad 24 March 2009

i love your poems, your poems stain the beauty of realities.

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Menna Gamal 01 June 2009

she is intellgent, wise, helpful and generous. i really liked her poems, she has a speical way of writing. she is my best friend.

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Whitney t 07 July 2009

I love her poems. They are so true in every way. She is really a great poet. The words in the poems are very touching. I just love your poems and I give you more than 10/10 I give you 100%

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p.a. noushad 09 May 2015

merna, I like your verses very much.

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p.a. noushad 09 May 2015

Dear Merna Ibrahim, your enchanting verses give me the insight of life.

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Ahmed Abomahfouz 15 June 2011

your poems are fantastic and discuss important things in life also some poems are religious and others are necessary messages to human kind, i love to find these creative brains like you in Egypt

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p.a. noushad 14 October 2009

i love your poems very much.

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~ Jon London ~ 14 September 2009

Merna's poetry has the power to bring your mind into a world where everything is possible, and never lost...She speaks of childhood friends, the memories they share..the smile the laughter..and also the tears...Her ability to capture a moment and paint it in her brilliant and inspiring unique fashions...The mark of a natural poetess as you will agree whilst reading this fresh breed of poets work....For such a young lady....she has a whole lot of insight....Sit and enjoy her talent. All the very best to you Merna my friend God bless Jon

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