The Last Winter Storm Poem by Hebert Logerie

The Last Winter Storm

Rating: 4.8

The Last Winter Storm

Every year, at the scheduled arrival of March,
Mother Nature became seasonally enraged,
Like a lion, an unjustly imprisoned beast in a cage,
Like a cancer patient walking on stage
For the last time - the last baby is now aged;
Two seasons are about to crush and crash.

Every thing started with the hauling winds
Slapping their huge feathers on my windows,
Mother Nature’s heavily breathing on different rows
Of the trees that refused to be scattered all over like the sands
Of the battered beaches, like the small adoring plants,
Which the deceased grandmothers left on the slants.

Every year, it is the same old thing, the same old rituals,
The school children just love it, since all classes are canceled;
The teachers are understandably elated, because they were told
To stay home as well; the aborted duels
Are bound to take place another day,
Where everyone will fall under a better array.

The last winter storm was really a prelude to spring,
Just like Valentine’s Day was the prelude to Mother’s day;
At dawn, don’t be surprised to hear the cries of a new offspring,
And hundred of little ones performing at the last school play.

Copyright © March 2009, Hebert Logerie, All Rights Reserved

Shani Bogamuwa 06 March 2009

Lovely song, I can just imagine everything.And it's lovely

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Monica Hinson 06 March 2009

I like this poem. Its different. Not like one Ive ever read. Keep up the good work!

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wow, loved it; i love poems that use personification, especially with nature...those kind are my favorite. most of my poems that i write are nature based and environmental (though not all of them are on this website) . good, no great job and thanks for sharing. -Every rose starts out as an ash-Ashes 2 Roses :)

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Ronald Speight 08 March 2009

great attention to detail this is a great poem

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Icy Rivas 08 March 2009

very good poem! ! lots of nice details and greatly put together

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Noel Horlanda 16 July 2009

It's a chilly winter all right. Although we don't have winter season here in the Philippines but I could just imagine how cold it would be if it happens here. We have only rainy season or typhoon season 120 of them visits us annually. They're still chilly to the bone and destructive. Nice write and very informative, pal. Thanks

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Vidi Writes 25 April 2009

Its very chilling still alarming to readers like me Who didn't fall into such seasonal shores The picture square is very perfect I can see the climate and the conditions that have a say. Good one.

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Jack Price 20 April 2009

This type of poem will get me every time. I love poems about the end of winter and the beginning of spring. You write it and I will read it. Great poem and a 10+ for me. Keep up the great work Hebert!

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Cristy Upshaw 18 April 2009

Ah, the last winter storm. We get plenty of 'last' winter storms here, even in Spring. Truly a blissful and stunning write. Great imagery and metaphors.

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Kefentse Sathekge 03 April 2009

great metaphor, we can wait and hope the crisis will cease

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