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I write poems to get pleased that my feelings are out on paper.After going through this site for sometime, i felt to post some of mine and watch the response. oops.... Hope it will work fine.

Writing my experiences to the outside world is not to get the fame but to make it known as to how differently or similarly all of us feel in this amazing, ...

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Robust Life

She is born
Not with silver spoon
She gives us a life of Gold.


I wonder why a trustworthy
Seldom trusted!

Is a trusty so enigmatic to you?

A Philosophy On ‘use And Throw’

Don’t ever complain –
‘They use me’
Let them use.
What are you born for, else?


It’s my all time favorite repose-compartment
Open the pages to see my ingenuous chapters
Wonder why I have lost my innocence supplement
Once, that stance was part and parcel of all my matters!

Zip Of Zilch

He has great appraisal for poets
Neruda, Pushkin, Eliots’
Kalidasa, Tagore, Keki…
List is on and on

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