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She is born
Not with silver spoon
She gives us a life of Gold.

I wonder why a trustworthy
Seldom trusted!

Is a trusty so enigmatic to you?

Don’t ever complain –
‘They use me’
Let them use.
What are you born for, else?

It’s my all time favorite repose-compartment
Open the pages to see my ingenuous chapters
Wonder why I have lost my innocence supplement
Once, that stance was part and parcel of all my matters!

He has great appraisal for poets
Neruda, Pushkin, Eliots’
Kalidasa, Tagore, Keki…
List is on and on

Deep red, gradual transformation to Orange then Gold
Follows the yellow, then spread the color blue
Color of the Dawn, pure and cool
Moisture of Blooming love, Outlook -Splendid Clever.

In this stadium of life
I see everyone busy running
Not, all are athletes
No ghost chasing at back

A winner is always at hunt
His shot hits the nerves
Divulge – ‘Tough as Odd Boots’
'Truth' explodes, bitter forever

In his “Snowy Evening”
Robert Frost says –
“But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep”

Thousands of new ventures
Took birth with Expectations
Twisted to fit into self-images
Reflected - own perceptions.

A Roadblock
The cause -

Public Distribution System

World reels
Food shortage
A great crisis
Turns the wheel


Existing, brings boredom
Reachable, reaches saturation
Accessible, kills adventure
On hand, attracts apathy

All I need is a few minutes privacy
Let me write to my heart’s content.

Once my writing is published

Cricket and Bolly Wood
Two fascinations of Indians
Minced no words in making money
Invited hot debates on market economy

Girls Please Listen

It’s since a long time I am watching
There is a lot of difference



It’s the wish of one and all in their lifetime
To look beautiful and behave clever.

Is that crow sitting on the leaf or branch? !
I take that far sight and wonder.
Wah… Crow is dancing!
With each blow of the wind.

I returned from that poetry Meet
People asked me eagerly …
‘How many were present? ’
I told them... 'a hundred'.

You were born with a cry
I too cried, may be with pain
Than to join voice with you
A great relief, with a sigh

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I write poems to get pleased that my feelings are out on paper.After going through this site for sometime, i felt to post some of mine and watch the response. oops.... Hope it will work fine. Writing my experiences to the outside world is not to get the fame but to make it known as to how differently or similarly all of us feel in this amazing, wonderful LIFE. If my poems inspire any that will be the gift to me, from this 'LIFE'. To write the true experiences of one's life, one needs sincerity. Also there is a doubt in many minds 'why to', 'how to', 'what to', 'where to'express. I have found the reasons for most of those questions and thats why i want to share my writings with all. I am into software development where time is very precious thing to spare for my literary work. But i will not give up the hope to create my own time and space to write.)

The Best Poem Of Vidi Writes

Robust Life

She is born
Not with silver spoon
She gives us a life of Gold.

She is brought up
Not in a state of aristocracy
She gives us a life of nobility.

She is educated
Not being pampered
She gives us a life of astuteness.

She is honored
Not being humiliated
She gives us a life of transparency.

She is left happy-go-lucky
Not being left loose
She gives us a life of blend.

She is bound with commitment
Not being fickle
She gives us a life of accountability.

She is very compassionate
Not being boorish
She gives us a life of passion.

She is certainly living hot-and-sweet
Not being in heaven-like
She gives us a life of reality.

She is our daughter
Not being treated as a weight
She gives us a life of ‘Robust’.

This poem is dedicated to my dear daughter - HAVYA on her 18th Birthday on 24/04/2009.


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