The Little Things That You Do. Poem by Aba Radical

The Little Things That You Do.

The Little Things That You Do.

Poetry is a judiciously crafted way of love expression
I wrote this poem to say thank you in a way that a handshake or gift never can
This is a sincere manifestation of my affection
To the most amazing vine yard veteran
Whom by listening to the call of God, loved us without any petition

Many times he has said it here and I can recall
That when he heard the Almighty God's call
He came to us preaching boldly like the Apostle Paul
From morning till night fall
Through the dry season and rain fall.
To every man from the servant to protocol
The job was not easy but with every problem that he faced, he looked at directly in the eye ball
With all our flaws he faithfully did the overhaul
And stuck with us through our rise and fall
And will continue to do so till that day when we unite with our make in the Banquet hall.

It's been several years of service to God and mankind
We share these long suffering years of goodness, oh God has been kind!
His ingenuity and humility, ask his wife
It's so undefined
And just in case you have forgotten let me remind
You that this edifice we see today, he was the master mind
That is why I want to celebrate him, I want to celebrate his life
May be you don't want to, but me I don't mind!

It's the little things that they do
That makes me love them more
Their burden is indeed heavy
But they still serve gently
Even when the snake appeared in their room
And wanted to show them who is who
Even when we forget to say thank you
The research they invest in their sermon ask Google and yahoo
This one ‘dier' just to mention a few
When they say bad things against him, it's so untrue
Don't stand somewhere and gossip get closer and enjoy the view
They have lied to you about him, it is God not juju
Your mind you should renew
His anointing is definitely richer than Cabbage stew
Bishop and Mamaga, may God bless you

It's the little things that they do
That makes me love them more
I love you more than yesterday
But not more than I will tomorrow,
Others are diluting the word though
Selling powder, oil, holy water and even rainbow
Claiming to be angels long-ago
But he is sticking to the status quo
Because it is only a true man of God who will sow
In God's Word so that we will grow
And be able to do the devil some over throw.

Every day with you is a wonderful
Addition to my life's journey
Your enduring love is sweeter than honey
How can I thank you
Little things like the precious smile
That radiate into us even from a mile
Warm handshake that sends shivers down our spine,
Words of concern that solves problem before it is shared
They can see right through us,
The way they listen to us is priceless
Even being with Mamaga is like having your emotional batteries recharged with joy.

This is my literary hug
It's the little things that you do
That makes me love you more
If only you knew how much those little moments with you matter to me
i love you sincerely and completely with no reservations in a way that is ecstatically wonderful
Although the founder's day comes a year
My love for you comes everyday
Thank you, both of you, for another year of faithful ministry.

NB: ‘dier' - as for this


…Inspired by Bishop and Rev. Mrs. Selly…

Aba Radical
The Photographer of Thoughts
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Thursday, May 30, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: love,love and life
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