Woman Of Substance Poem by Aba Radical

Woman Of Substance

Woman of Substance

Who is a woman of substance?
Is she the beautifully naked lady walking from the distance?
Is she the one flashing before our very eyes on social media in an instance?
Maybe she is the one who uses what she has to get what she wants depending on the circumstance.

Who is a woman of substance?
Before we were humans
We were definitely not apes
We were absolutely nothing
And before we were women
Before the stages of aprons and kitchen gloves
We were girls but today
We strive to be something
Something better and necessary to survive
This world before we join our maker
We strive to be women of substance

Who is a woman of substance?
Is she the one who holds on to
Different men each and every night
Or the one who holds on to wisdom and insight
And never lets them get out of her sight?

Is she the one who makes a man feel like an ATM card, moving him from KFC to Kempinski
or the one who saves money like a savings account and never tastes whisky
Is she the one who uses her head to calculate the order of magnitude of porridge to serve her family when she herself is yet to have breakfast or the one who uses the same head that managed to get her an F9 to carry expensive and unnecessary Brazilian wigs forgetting that her armpit hair will forever be Ghanaian?

When a woman hides her phone from her husband she is considered a cheat and when a husband hides his phone from his wife he claims to be protecting their marriage but a woman of substance will automatically gain the trust of her husband.

A woman of substance is the Rev. Mrs. Apeaning.
She admires without jealousy, follows without imitating, praises without flattery and leads the Victorious Women's Conference without manipulating.

A woman of substance is the Minister Cassy Martey who knows that her God is and forever will be ‘Okokroko.'
The one who knows that God can use an egg to crack palm kernel just to disgrace a stone.
She is a woman of worship.
A woman who knows that the stone that was disgraced by an egg will replace her if she does not worship.

A woman of substance is the prophetess Michelle McKenzie.
She speaks positive words into the lives of those around her.
In her sermon she will generalize but won't tell general lies.
She walks in high heels because she loves shoes but she never forgets to also walk in high esteem and humility. She doesn't trust her memory, she trusts God.
She is the one who knows her God to be the only one who can change her rags to riches, hopelessness to hopefulness, poverty to prosperity, ashes to beauty and stigma to status.

A woman of substance is the Mamaga.
She values her husband.
She completes him.
The only harmless mosquito in his net.
She is not distracted by the deceitful whistle of men but the voice of God.
She doesn't tell God how big her problems are she rather tells the problems how big her God is!
Her heart is a big house.

A woman of substance is the Pastor Arkofa Takal who knows she is worth the wait. The good wife.
She finds her feet in the house of God not the disco.
She ministers to the Glory of God.
Her life is an example to many.

A woman of substance is the Rev. Mrs. Dora Tackie Tarboi who speaks out what she wants and pursues it.
She lives up to morals and values of God.
She is happy and content the way she is.
She acknowledges that she is not lucky but blessed.
A prayer warrior.
She is a living testimony of God's goodness.
She focuses on what's important and captures the good times.

A woman of substance is the Mrs. Beatrice Agyeman.
A don't know her birthday
But even if she wasn't born on a Thursday
She would be the Yaa Asantewaa who would lead men to war and actually win it.
A prayer warrior.
A foundational member of this church.
When it started she came along with her son she did not leave him behind at home.
Today he plays the church drums to the glory of God. Sometimes he drums like he is slapping the Devil.

Woman of substance.

NB: ‘Okokroko.'- great


…inspired by Chayil18…

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Woman Of Substance

Aba Radical

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