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Her name is Mercy Aba Blankson but everyone except her family calls her by the pseudonym Aba Radical. She is a writer but prefer to call her writing photography of thoughts because that is how she sees the art of putting pen on paper. Her vision is to be able to write anything that can be written.
She is a young Ghanaian student ...

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30 May 2019

You never understand why you should not wish to be someone else until others begin wish to be like you, yes even you!

30 May 2019

The power to put yourself on your toes lies in the ability to put yourself in the shoes of others

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The Mask

The mask

The mask that I have to wear
The concealed task of covers
The look to all that is dear
The confident guise always appears

Crushed by the reality
Like never before
Dreams lose their meaning
Falling a thousand pieces on the floor.

Words fade out
Ink pauses in such times
Time passes out
Pushing your effort into faint lines

A look in the mirror
Is this really me?
The mask is off, yes
But who else could it be?

I barely recognize
My own pair of eyes
But I used to be alive
It is only now that I realize

There was a day that I was free
The days that I could be me
Reality has stolen the light
Giving me the mask to pretend
Gone is the shine in my sight
Giving me the mask to depend

Lying on the bed I'm crying
My tear soaked pillow will testify
Standing on the street my faith is dying
But they pause, look, then pass me by

How can I stay focus day in, day out
When I'm heavily drowning in doubt,
When the mask fails to blind me to distrust
Behind the confident guise of a smile
Is a broken girl trying to cope in
And make life worth while
But as for the mask, when will my face
Actually grow a permanent one of a smile?


…Inspired by Jessica Naa Adoley Moffatt…

Aba Radical
The Photographer of Thoughts
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