Kiss Me Slowly Poem by Aba Radical

Kiss Me Slowly

Kiss me slowly

Dear future husband comma
Very soon my dad will walk me down the isle
Straight to you to the altar.
I have no idea who you are or your mama
Or what you look like, perhaps you resemble your papa
Or where you come from though I prefer it to be in Ghana
But when you do marry me
Do kiss me slowly

I would be dressed in all white
Even with our rings made out of bauxite
I will cherish every part of it with delight
Whether it will be love at first sight
Or after a couple of relationship fights
When we say our vows and response of plebiscite
Pastor will say "you may now kiss your bride"
Which means you will finally have the copyright
To interlock your lips with mine, airtight
When you do marry me
Do kiss me slowly

When you come to see my mother
And ask for my hand in marriage
Pay my bride price to my father
So you will not incur his outrage
Then he will know that you need me more than your bladder
Soon we will be given way
To engage
On the wedding day
Even if you are shorter
I will get you a ladder
Or if you are far away
I will personally draw you closer
When you do marry me
Do kiss me slowly

Without further ado
I will quickly respond "yes i do"
Just like what they said so true
You can even ask my Minister, Andrew
Our love will be richer than the gold of ɔtekɔkɔɔsoɔ Osei Tutu
Even stronger than Chinese kung Fu
Dear future husband, the way I'm anticipating our wedding erh, you have no clue
So if that day comes to pass then Jehovah overdo
When you do marry me
Do kiss me slowly
When you fold my veil
You will see my face
You have found your wife
You have found a good thing
Slowly establish a kiss on my lips
One that I'll be incapable to resist
Go softly then slowly gain passion
Kiss the single lady days from my face
Your kiss should leave me breathlessly consumed
When you do marry me
Do kiss me slowly

I ask for a slow kiss because
I have patiently done the waiting
My virgin lips are ready to do some submitting
I will glance up at you from
Under my eyebrows smiling
And almost crying
From satisfaction
Because it is so exciting
Even Facebook will do some transmitting
When we kiss the witnesses will go wow
But your kiss should make me feel the peace in their roar
Like the silence between thunder and lightning
Slow down, kiss me slowly because
I'm not home used
I'm not second hand
Or slightly used
I'm original not a photocopy
In fact I'm brand new
Even better than "tear rubber"
I'm premium quality
That's why i say that when you do marry me
Do kiss me slowly

I ask you to kiss me slowly because
I want that intimate touch to be a core memory
One that I will forever remember.
With our chest pressed against each other
Kiss me slowly with soft gradation
Kindly make sure that i make up
For all those former years of ‘kisslessness'
Remember you're not kissing my lips
You're kissing my very core soul
Dear future husband comma
When you do marry me
Ah! ‘ɔdɔ yewu', please, do kiss me slowly.

NB: ‘ɔdɔ yewu' - sweet heart

…Inspired by,
On a second thought I won't kiss and tell so …

Aba Radical
The Photographer of Thoughts
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Thursday, May 30, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: kiss,wedding
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