Shane Labossiere

The Lone Wolf

The tale of a time where the wolf ruled and the beauty and the mystery that surrounds the creature of the dark but also of the eternal light was known through out history of the fearless one who howls when the moon is full

The sound, the pitch of the four legged creature lets some no when everything's fine, lets some know that the time is now to be the one you were born to be

the moon, or a gateway to the parallel universe opposite or our world where the lone wolf looks with the fierce gaze of

the golden silver shine that posseses wisdom and knowledge and to also see into your heart and soul

to find the one worthy of it's knowledge, wisdom since the beginning of time and life

with the rose and its fragrance leads the destend one through the forest of eternal darkness of the one's mind and

the garden of flame was not always like this

the work of the dark side of the moon glares at the earth in disgust for all the sins for all the pain for all the
destruction that man has cussed

the lone wolf picks up the sent of the rose leading his heart past harms way to discover the truth

of why was he here why was he born what was the reason for his igsistance

the soft yet purifying voice said

you are the one

what a with confused yet knowing tone that shows the way of wisdom and knowledge

the lone wolf

from the wolf priestess of the moon with the life giving and ever lasting light

the silver shine that turns the clouded waters of shame and disspere into the waters that will purify the ones with

dark souls and the dark hearted

please feel my silver tears as they dropp upon you the lone wolf our only hope for survival

please let my tears soke within your fur the pure white fur with a silver tint to each blade as it waves in the
natures wind

the howl can be heard from a distant land through the winds of time

breath the wind smell the fragrance of the
wind that carries my silver dust to those in need

you are the lone wolf you have to chose your destiny we all do

and we all have the power to in mind, wisdom and life

time choose yours

what path will you take

the path of eternal darkness where life will never be whole where new life will be agenced the laws of nature where
only the rose with the siring red of the blood that they color there petal with of the ones they hurt will stand for

hate and destruction

or the path of eternal light where the moon is always full filling the dark sky with it's vibrant silver light that pears
through the darkness like a feather through a cloud

the sound will always be heard the howl of time, life, wisdom,
knowledge and of the start where the wolf became the creature it is now full of happiness and joy the everlasting
pease where the dark side of nature now full of light spearing it across the earth to bring back what was once pease

please choose the path you want your heart and mind to walk

please choose fast as the beating of the wolf's heart quickens and straightens to reply

the path I choose is the path that my heart allows that path is the way of the eternal light

the garden starts to ignite the sent of darkness fading in the distance as the rose petals fall then incinerates into

through the silver wind the petals flow of the life of darkness now has no time left and is overcome by the light

the pure hearted one the lone wolf has purified all the sin everything that had to do with darkness

we praise the lone wolf for the light for his pure heart and for pease

the mirror that stands with the reflection of ones self pears through the soul and creates a mirror image

a significant other the dark other that pores the darkness all over the land that kills for it's blood thirsty pleaser that
loves misery and pain so much that it arouses the other of darkness

then the twine of the light the one to free us all from pain and the dark ones control the lone wolf with his pure
heart is our last hope

as the darkness rolls in the wolves flee to the sides of the battle ground where blood will be spilt and sin will fall

the wolf of the dark with his eyes of pain and blood

the wolf of the light with his golden eyes of pure light and pease

the battle begins as the dark other and the light other lunje with fangs ready to spill blood

the battle is fierce much blood was spilt but there is more the dark others fangs pirce and rip into the flesh spilling

the pure blood onto the white coat pain surges through the light others wound and body

the light other pirces his fangs into the dark other flesh then smashing him to the ground while the warm but dark
blood fills his mouth and spills through his teeth like a fountain then lunges at him again

the dark other lunjes toward the light other claming his massive jaw around the bottom of the light others rib cage

then to the ground with a defining crash

the light other lays on the ground feeling so much pain, feeling the blood trickling down his fur and feeling his
heartbeat slower and slower and his breathes get shorter and shorter

the dark other with a fearce gaze in his eyes slams his paw on the light others heart a defining yelp could be heard
from miles away

to bad I have to end your life we could have been good together still with his paw on the light
others heart I can feel the beating of your heart slowing down just face it your fate is to die and that's it

the dark other opens his mouth to deliver the final blow

the strangth from with in gave a power surge then lunjes at the dark other's heart plunging him to the

ground your finished delivering the final blow

the dark other has passed to the underworld where the darkness will

never fade the sin will never be lifted where time it's self will never be purified

the lone wolf we thank you for our happyness for our sin to be lifted for the moon to rise with it's silver shine

the wolves now howl not just to the full moon but also to the legend of the

lone wolf.

Poem Submitted: Monday, April 10, 2006
Poem Edited: Monday, July 12, 2010

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  • Jamika NA (2/3/2007 7:34:00 PM)

    wow..........that was so.......intense!
    please write more like that! !

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