- The Long Silence... - Poem by Kay Barcelon

- The Long Silence... -

Rating: 2.7

Once again in a momentary stillness
Time and distance are in command
The lovers in estranged existence
Looking right through hearts’ demand

The lovers’ souls lying mute in slumber
Quiescent hearts are now completely silent
Their lips paralyzed and without power
Unwearyingly waiting for that moment

Then after the silence comes the speech
Hearts once again jumping to the beat
Their souls and lips chant and beseech
Playing a harmonious music of deceit

The music plays and their stomachs flutter
Curtains are drawn and they embrace in darkness
In silence you can hear them cry and whisper
They dance to the music until they become powerless

Albert Ralph 30 January 2008

The initial words create a framework, but the rhythm is what drives this piece. From the word beat, on, this is a race. By the subject matter, it is a race to drink deeply of the moment. 'The lovers souls lying mute in slumber' is like rolling thunder and sheet lightning in the distance. What is it that draws us like moths to the flame? We take a hypodermic needle of quiescence, and inject it into an otherwise rational mind. Clearly, this love will be the undoing of both, yet in silence, they dive into it. They must be silent, or they will be awoken from the slumber. This is the way of fooling one's self. Words can get us into such difficulty that one wonders. Is language truly a survival adaptation? Perhaps, because a word spoken here, instead of silence might save. Yet when the words begin to flow from the 'lovers lips', they are lies. Words, so powerful to heal. So powerful to deceive, even the speaker. Perhaps a kiss is not the moment of deception. At least during a kiss, one cannot lie.

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Brian Dorn 07 November 2006

This has the 'sound' of great poetry... very well composed, Kay! Brian

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Kay Barcelon

Kay Barcelon

Manila Philippines
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