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To every writer, a critique is a sign of friendship
And every friendship, there’s a difference of opinion
An opinion we may or may not like to hear
Either way drives us to write more or less...

Stay inspired and blog away! ! ! Kay Barcelon :)

Kay Barcelon Poems

- Inspiration -

I wake up to a beautiful morning
Each time your image comes to mind

- Soul Mate -

Rarely do you find your soul mate
You met by chance or by fate
Mind resists yet your heart dictates
Only in dreams this could exist

- Color Me Not -

Why do you wish to be a chameleon
And camouflaged with the rest
You are beautiful just as you are
And you do not need to blend

. Because Now There Is No 'Us'

Why do we hurt each other
Is it love or is it hate
Is it because we are far away
Or is it because we know

- Solitude -

Feel and enjoy this moment
Listen to the gentleness of silence

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