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I wake up to a beautiful morning
Each time your image comes to mind

Rarely do you find your soul mate
You met by chance or by fate
Mind resists yet your heart dictates
Only in dreams this could exist

Why do you wish to be a chameleon
And camouflaged with the rest
You are beautiful just as you are
And you do not need to blend

Why do we hurt each other
Is it love or is it hate
Is it because we are far away
Or is it because we know

Feel and enjoy this moment
Listen to the gentleness of silence

Your wretched broken spirit
Floating in the sea of disarray
Drifting rapt in a dark secret
Streaming baffled life astray

I did not know what you meant
When you said you feel my soul
What you saw of me was just a fragment
Thus to even know me was impossible

These brown eyes
Are searching for you
My lips
Longing to kiss you

I like to watch you sleep
Sometimes you sigh
It makes my heart leap

Once again in a momentary stillness
Time and distance are in command
The lovers in estranged existence
Looking right through hearts’ demand

In one unpretentious home
A content woman patiently waits
With three coins in her pocket
She could not even buy a comb

No, No, Heart suffer no more
In my arms couldn’t be more beautiful
Let your tears run down upon my chest
Give me tender sigh I shall intensely devour

She makes you believe
Persuading you to perceive
Telling you she is a friend
Better watch out girlfriend

Close your eyes and whisper a wish
an angel is near and for sure will hear
Believe in its existence and wish so sincere
The angel will grant you your eternal bliss

The words echoed clearly in my mind
Say “no” please say no please hear me plea
Except from my mouth didn’t come out so kind
The very next day I felt foggy, plenty woolly

My dearest I miss you
I long to hear the beat of your heart
to listen to the rhythm of your soul
they tell me we belong

I woke up one morning
Finding love in a strange place
He was in a jam with a broken wing
Lifeless and pallid I cannot see his face

Ecstasy doesn’t always last
A temporary high like a drug
Love doesn’t always shine
Sometimes too shy like the sun

She is a polite little girl
Her soft hands so fragile
Timidity and shyness I feel

Two past midnight
a very bright light awakened me.
Seeing this luminous light,
I walked towards my picture window to see…

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To every writer, A critique is a sign of friendship And for every friendship, there will be differences in opinion Opinions, like it or not Will drive us to write more or less... Stay inspired and write away! ! ! Kay Barcelon :))

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- Inspiration -

I wake up to a beautiful morning
Each time your image comes to mind
Your voice is so encouraging
Makes waking and living so divine

I would go to work inspired
Knowing that you are around
You always make me feel admired
Makes the day’s trials easy to overcome

At night before I sleep I pray
That you come in and grace my dream
Should I wake up the next day
I would feel the same or yet more extreme

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