Don Nguyen

The Lord, Music, And Me - Poem by Don Nguyen

I always to find the way to your heart through all love songs;
Leaning onto hanging clouds, my soul flies beyond the imaginable blue sea.
Slowly drifting are piano notes which are released like precious beads of a shiny pearl necklace;
I can see your face while letting my soul caressed by the sweet melodious sounds,
Which has spellbound all surroundings with its fresh, new, enchanting subjective sweetness
Toward my endeared ears which merge to my heart to become subservient to love.
My heart leads my mind to believe that you are here to share the same love song,
Which has permeated the fragrance of the melody which is so soft and lovely,
But only one who has attuned eyes can see the musical prodigy
In order for all his senses to capture the angelic melody.
The human- turns- divine music connects my soul to a spiritual realm far and near;
The kind of music glides my heart to a distant sky, appeals to its inner soulful art;
The romantic music makes me cries repeating the same three words, 'I love you',
Over and over again until the song ends.
And the whole universe seems to converge and blend
Into an orchestrated symphony of which the Conductor is Love
Or Jesus the Lord, who has shown us all how to live in love, and to love in order to truly live,
By dying on the cross so that each detail of His death
Can now be described in words that are recited like the most heart-warming song
To caress the listener with the intimate enlightened awakening
Which shakes gently then rigorously the core of his heart surrendering
To a willful death in Christ to begin a new life in Him.
The carnal desires of soul are now being purged away, replaced with the magical musical notes;
Soul has become a love song herself for she has melted all her existence into the furthest heaven,
To be carried far far away in the echoing realm where music has assisted Love to reign,
As the humanly composed music, by the soul of a lover, has turned divine,
The romantic love song made by stringing all God’s inwardly perceptual words of love together,
Now resembles a precious necklace of the most exquisite pearls.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Music for compose: Bradfield's ' A moment in heaven'
http: // v=44YGF9fmEEo
I always connect my love for Him to all love songs or melodious hymns, catching myself repeating those three words. Thus, you now see why I like to listen to music while composing my love songs.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, October 27, 2013

Poem Edited: Monday, October 28, 2013

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