The Lost Beauty Poem by Ifeoluwa Philips

The Lost Beauty

Rating: 5.0

She was a pure gold
Fashioned with rust
Reality was far to her old
And in wrong she trust
Aching dust wrapped it shining
And rough moldy sand blurred her beauty of sparkling
She was stole of her beauty
In dilemma of ashes for beauty
She was stripped off her glory robe
Climbing thick hopeless rope
Her days was filled with bitterness
And she was robed with shyness
After her beauty was taken away
Through the narrow of her plaited way
She was given to dilemma
And shamelessly sold her remain star for trauma
Her child lacks fashion
Of aged faded robe he was fashioned
Wounded soul she gave her lad
And breath lovelessness to the mind of her lad
The son of the soil has nothing of her mother
And his mother cheater was her husband murderer
Living this beautiful soul in great ache
Stronger than the clap of a Thunder's ache
Slowly, slowly his robe fell off his neck
And with wrath of an ancestors he bore upon his neck
He cries! Alas oh dear sun
Read my letters to the moon son
Before the night breaks in dark shade
Tell the moon to spread my feelings to the sky at the dawn shade
My mother tongue can't be listened to anymore
And my voice isn't understandable to her anymore
Paint my mother of her beauty
Before she was caught with faded beauty
The land in dilemma of my mother beauty
And robes was took by light wind and exposed her nudity
I was never born by her calamity
And with shabby smile she fed me with bread baked by her enmity
I have not seen the beauty of young age
And shame my eyes saw even from my early page
Tell mother to tell me her then beauty
Because not for once has my eye beheld her true beauty.

It's a poem that painted the beauty of Africa culture before she was colonized
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