Dr. Rani Mathew

The Lover I Dread - Poem by Dr. Rani Mathew

It was on the frozen bed
down the moss laden pond,
his undying love he confessed.
His voice quivered as he spoke
of eloping never to return.
I begged to be excused,
for the spring was tantalizing
and he deemed it fair to heed
my plea to hang around a while.

His devouring eyes pinned me down
again in summer on a busy street,
where uncared I lay bleeding.
For me, his heart was throbbing-
every beat a love song unrequited.
On his bosom I cried for time
to feast over the harvest ahead
and down on the surgery table
the deal was stuck

Out on my orchard rich and radiant
with sparkling fruits gold and red
and leaves orange and brown on guard
in unison we sing, the harvest song
our feet moving in rhythm.
An alarming dissonance, a jarring note
is round the corner, I guess,
for he is all geared up,
the green-eyed monster

Like it or not, I must be his I know!
Escorted by a tumour or ulcer
his chariot will stop at my door.
Misbehaving blood pressure
or a system break down past repair-
no more chance he will let pass
the unrelenting lover I dread.
Alas! Warrior or armor have I none
To defy his advances amorous

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 10, 2012

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