The Low Iq Brexiteers Are So Easily Pleased! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

The Low Iq Brexiteers Are So Easily Pleased!

By Stanley Collymore

I will never understand all the
pathetic fawning over these
so-called 'royals" as if they
belong to a proven superior species
that is distinctly apart from the rest
of us. In reality, they're distinctly no
different whatever, to anybody else
other than they simply, just happen
to have been born or else evidently
apart from that have been actually
quite fortunate to otherwise marry
into a most fantastically, fabulous
lifestyle of immense luxury but as
is crucially typically characteristic
with their sort and discernibly too
very ironic; wealth that they didn't
create nor really earn themselves.
So essentially to anyone that isn't
intellectually challenged, patently
and thoroughly dimwitted or very
incredibly fatuous and irrefutably
gullible; quite bluntly, what these
so-called "royals" represent is all
outdated nonsense and crucially
so irrelevant, in this day and age.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
21 May 2023.

Author's Remarks:
Evidently you intellectually challenged ignoramuses are quite happy at seeing extremely wealthy people enjoying the profits which they uncaringly and rather barbarically quite deliberately cheerfully made on the backs of the immense and contrived suffering of unfortunately so to us moral human beings, ordinary men, women and childen; but who quite evidently do garner the same sentiments in these allegedly superior beings..

It's supposedly easy, I imagine, for those who can't think for themselves to not realize the artificial environment in which these sprogs of William and Kate's are raised. A weird environment no less. For how balanced a childhood are they ever going to get or crucially are likely to have, when rather blatantly they're incessantly surrounded by people whose own jobs depend on telling these obnoxiously, unwarrantedly privileged kids how special they are?

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