The Magical Spells Poem by Soumili Karmakar

The Magical Spells

Rating: 5.0

Winter mornings are cold by the passing mist of sweet air;
The fragrance of fresh daisies
And Oak trees so flair.
The dawn breaks leaving fogs and droplets;
For the unsaid magical stories
Living for ages in fair hearts to share.
The sun appears and wishes ' good morrow';
The incredible path of the cave we follow
Covered with heavy boulders and rocks,
But the weather has its spelling cast.
Walking straight: sound of the ticking clock
Memories of you and me happily wrapped in a cloak.
The universe beckons to rise;
Daffodils singing, colourful butterflies rejoicing nectar as their prize.
Valleys full of life and light;
My journey begins with the world
Looking at the trees gilted with rays of gold.
I find beautiful angels blooming
And dancing through the edge of the breeze;
Some walking down the pretty streets,
Some sitting on the gallant branches,
Some flying round and round in the sky above
Making garlands with selfless love.
Sparrows chirping aloud;
Making the dazzling world go around.
The thread keeps us unite;
Of this today with you,
Even if tomorrow we fight.
Musical voices enriched by great hearts;
White clouds of the heavenly blues running faster before all
Finding a place to teach the world not to thrall.
Presenting their showers for us;
The beautiful sky praises them announcing a ball.
A love without conditions and expectations;
A love helping the world to grow,
A love with all its glory to bestow,
And a promise of a better tomorrow,
Here I write for you to know.

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